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Hemlock Saunas

Hemlock Saunas offer a smoother, cleaner timber finish. The Hemlock boards contain no knots and are all the same colour. When manufacturing a deluxe sauna such as Hemlock Saunas, we use a hidden nail system to ensure the highest possible standards. Obeche Sauna Benches or Hemlock Sauna Benches are available, resulting in a deluxe bespoke sauna with several extras available to choose from, such as:

  • Wall Mounted Sauna Heater
  • Hidden Under Bench Sauna Heater
  • Traditional 240v Corner Light and Shade
  • Ceiling LED Lighting – Red, Blue, Amber, Green, White
  • LED up-lights built into the Backrests
  • LED Under-Bench Lighting
  • Music

We also ask our customers to let us know if there is anything they have seen elsewhere which they like, and where possible, provide us with an image so we can reproduce exactly what they want.