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  • Sauna Installation
  • Bespoke Saunas
  • Sauna fitting
  • Sauna which has been intalled
  • Light wood benches
  • Corner of sauna
  • Wooden finishing
  • Light wood steps
  • Wooden back rests

Sauna Installation

Once you have chosen the style and size of the cabin you would like installing, we will take care of the rest.

  • One of our team will visit your site and take a final measurement
  • We will then manufacture the new bespoke sauna
  • We ask that the area where the sauna is to be installed is tiled before we arrive
  • Once tiled we will deliver the sauna and begin the installation
  • The sauna installation will normally take two days
  • On completion we will provide training and an electrical certificate

If you have any questions or require a quotation please do not hesitate to contact us, by calling: 01772 617063 or email us at: info@aachenwellness.co.uk